On Passover, the Jews left Egypt for the desert, where they were cocooned in the heavenly embrace of the clouds of glory and sustained by manna from heaven.

What better place for today's liberated Jew to spend Passover than surrounded by the educational clouds of glory, sustained by today's manna blessed by heaven.

Our Staff

Rabbi Dovie Shapiro

Co-Director, Chabad of Flagstaff

Rabbi Dovie Shapiro has been working with young Jewish professionals for nearly two decades. A dynamic, stimulating and experienced Jewish educator, teacher and orator, Rabbi Shapiro entertains, engages and challenges his audiences and learning partners with warmth, humor, and boundless enthusiasm.


Rabbi Shapiro graduated with honors from Rabbinical College of America where he received his Rabbinical ordination in 2004. In addition to his work in Northern Arizona, Rabbi Shapiro has also spent summers and holidays serving a number of Jewish communities both across the United States and around the world. He is known for his warmth, wit and sincere and pleasant demeanor.


Rabbi Dovie Shapiro met his wife, Chaya in New York and they got married in March 2004. They are the proud parents of 8 children: Mendel, Avremy, Gabi, Batya, Zalman, Daniel, Chana Sarah, and Shmuly.

Rebbetzin Chaya Shapiro

Co-Director, Chabad of Flagstaff

A Chicago native, Rebbetzin Chaya Shapiro was educated at the Lubavitch Girls High School of Chicago and Beth Chana Teacher’s Academy in Tzfat, Israel. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts.


Before founding the Flagstaff Chabad Center alongside her husband, Chaya had worked in education and outreach for numerous Jewish institutions and summer camps in Ukraine, Canada, and across the United States. 


With her special ability to present Torah concepts in a deep yet clear fashion, Chaya is dedicated to empowering people to be more connected to their Judaism. A beloved Rebbetzin, teacher, and friend, Chaya has inspired and touched the lives of countless people who have come through Chabad’s doors. 



Rabbi Dovie & Chaya Shapiro moved to Flagstaff in March 2006 to permanently establish the Chabad Jewish Community Center which provides social and religious programming for the Jewish community of Flagstaff and NAU, as well as the many visitors to Northern Arizona. Over the years they have inspired, guided, educated, and nurtured their community, with integrity and wisdom, and with compassion and warmth. 


The growth of the Flagstaff Jewish Community was solidified in September 2019 when the stunning new Molly Blank Jewish Community Center opened its doors, and with it, new opportunities for expansion and creative new programs, such as the new PSVR program for young Jewish professionals. 

Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz

Senior Rabbinical Coordinator, CRC 

Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz is a noted educator, author, and scholar, who lives in Chicago, Il. As the executive producer of Shazak MultiMedia, Rabbi Moscowitz has pioneered state of the art learning methods since the early days of Apple. He has taught in classrooms for two decades, with the goal of making learning a fun experience. Students of all ages are attracted to his unique teaching approach.